Our Service

We are confident that our product matches the best in the industry. However, it is our knowledge and specialist expertise in online bingo, launching websites, operating networks and eCRM that makes us stand out even further.

You'll appreciate our hands-on approach that will ensure you maximise the potential of your site on our network. We will provide you with all the help and resources you need, answer any questions and offer advice.

With Better Bingo Network you get the best of both worlds. A Top class product, with a top class team behind it.

Our service is fully customizable solution to meet your needs.

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Gaming Software

Our software is customizable, fully scalable and among the best in the industry. It's a proven platform with well over £1,000,000 staked every month. Virtue Fusion are our software provider.

Chat Masters

Our chat masters currently work 9am-1am 7 days a week. Their main role is to provide a friendly, knowledge face in the chat room to help our new players and maintain a friendly atmosphere. They also play regular chat games and give away over £100 in cash prizes everyday, which your players will just love.

Customer Support

Our customer support is highly responsive and operated from the Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We currently provide email and live chat support.

Financial processing, Fraud and Security

We process all of your player's financial transactions using the latest encryption technology. Players can deposit using Visa, Mastercard, Solo, Switch and Electron. Withdrawals are wired directly to players bank accounts or sent via cheque. Every single transaction is checked for fraudulent behaviour and player identification is requested when deemed necessary and for all withdrawals over £200.


Website design and management

Your website and games will be designed using your brand identity and in close consulation with you. Or, you can design your own website and game pages to be integrate with our product. Our content management system will keep your site up to date on a daily basis.


Virtue Fusion: The Gaming System
The Gaming system consists of database, application server and servlet engine systems. It has been architected to scale linearly as additional hardware resources are added, providing extremely high transaction rates in multiple CPU configurations.

The Virtue Fusion Bingo System uses J2EE technology to manage the infrastructure and support the web services. A gaming framework has been developed that supports several different game types, thus making the development of games easily replaceable and extensible. The communication layer uses agreed XML DTD's to communicate between the game and the gaming framework. The game configuration is extremely flexible and can be changed on the fly even once deployed to the live environment. This provides a scaleable, robust, dynamic and secure solution.

The Virtue Fusion Bingo System can be integrated with 3rd party financial systems and can be integrated with one account systems, such as Orbis


Affiliate Management and marketing

We provide an affiliate management service and can develop and run an affiliate program for your brand. Affiliate marketing is a cost effective way to acquire new players and utilising our in-house skills and existing network of specialist bingo affiliates, we can quickly take your new bingo site to market.

We can also manage pay-per-click search engine advertising and perform online marketing activities for you.


Player Retention

Our personal approach to bingo breeds confidence in our players and helps greatly with player retention rates. Our player retention system is flexible and can be adapted to fit your needs. Contact us now for more information about player acquisition costs and the lifetime value of a bingo player.

What do we do?
We interact with our players at least weekly by email. We keep our emails personal, engaging, interesting and worthwhile, avoiding any spam-like correspondence. Members are more receptive to offers and we have an excellent response rate to new deals.

Improving conversion rates
We contact players who sign-up but don't deposit within 48 hours of their registration. We ask if they've had problems, we offer assistance, we promote and try to entice them to play. After 10 days, if they still haven't played, we'll email them again and perform a short survey to obtain site feedback. Once somebody signs-up, we contact them at least 3 times over the next month to convert them to a full player.

Restart accounts
Players who haven't played for 4 weeks they are sent an email offering them a free £10 bingo session if they deposit £10. High volume players who haven't played in over 4 weeks are individually contacted with individual incentives to come back and play.

Our player retention system is flexible and can be adapted to fit your needs.