10 Reasons why you should choose the BB Network:
1. Low risk
Choosing to join the BB Network is low risk for you. We don't charge extortionate setup fees and there is no monthly minimum fee once your site has been accepted onto the network.
2. Commission rates
We offer industry leading commission rates with very realistic commission tiers. Our rates our completely transparent with no hidden costs or expenses. You won't find better rates for a product anywhere near comparable to ours.
3. Player retention
We're great at retaining players and we'll make sure your players keep playing with us for as long as possible. Our overall game experience is second to none and our active, fresh approach to online bingo keeps players coming back.
4. Easy of use
Our software is browser based meaning new players don't have to download and install software. Getting started is incredibly easy, even for novice internet users, from depositing to purchasing your first strip of bingo tickets.
5. Our Software
We're partnered with Virtue Fusion Ltd, the UK's leading online bingo software company. A pioneer of online bingo in the UK, their software is used by all the biggest bingo players in the UK. We work closely with Virtue Fusion to ensure we have all the newest features that today's bingo players demand. The software is fully scalable and can host as many players as needed.
6. Our Team
We have an experienced team in all aspects of online gaming, site launches and affiliate marketing. This will be invaluable when it comes to launching your site and we're always on hand to help you along the way. Why join a network where they don't show you the best ways to spend your money and grow your site - join the BB Network and get expert advice from people who really know the online bingo market.
7. Our Community
Our network is well known for its friendly community of bingo players and chat masters (CM) - it's an integral part of our site and we regularly receive positive feedback. Our CMs score very high at cmoftheyear.com (a place players vote for the your favourite CM) and they're great at helping new players feel part of the crowd.
8. Our Customer Service
Our dedicated Customer Service team, based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, are highly responsive and skilled at dealing with customers using email, live chat and call backs. Your players will really appreciate their efficiency and it helps to make our network stand out.
9. Flexibilty
When you first launch you can tap into our existing chat room and prize pool. However, you can also run your own bingo games and promotions concurrently, or when you grow, run your own bingo schedule and jackpots. We work with you to provide a flexible bingo product to meet your needs.
10. We work harder for you
We think we've got a great network and we do a great job for our current partners. If you want to work with someone who will always be focused on maximizing your opportunities and revenues, come and join the BB Network. Don't just take our word for it though - talk to our current partners and learn why they think we do a great job for them.